When Letting Go/Surrendering is the Smart Option

At this time of year every morning we awaken to a driveway covered in beautiful autumn-coloured leaves.

Our house is called Oakways and, unsurprisingly with a name like that, there are indeed four mighty oak trees that line the drive. They are powerful and majestic and every year they surrender their leaves back to the earth.

This is a  natural shedding of the “old” so that hibernation and regeneration can follow.

Going against the nature of life….

Isn’t it Interesting that humans try to go against these natural phases of life expressing itself?

We’ve been conditioned to drive ever onwards and upwards, to go after continuous improvement, increased efficiency and speed.

Whilst these certainly have value, we are ignoring the powerof stopping, resting, shedding of the old or that which no longer serves. This is not a case of either or but rather being smart enough to leverage both.

So what if this month you were to take your lead from nature?

What if you just took a moment to stop…..to  move temporarily out of your mind and into your heart……..move your  attention to the heart.

  • What would it have you let go of? 
  • What is it time to leave behind so you don’t take it into next year?
  • How would it have you “lighten” up?

Keep it simple – start with one thing today.  See how it feels to let something go and then re-choose tomorrow.  Maybe make it two things tomorrow.  Anything from:

– Posessions – give to charity – any clothes that no longer reflect you

– Clutter – papers, books, emails, documents

– Grievances/misunderstandings with work colleagues

– Fears or frustrations

– Self-judgment

Our mighty oaks will soon stand naked, no longer adorned by beautiful leaves but yet replaced by the beauty of their innate architectural form — their natural magnificence when the adornments are gone.

Like the oak tree, the real you is more than enough, always has been and always will be.

Use this month to explore letting go in various ways. There is a gift inherent in the art of surrendering to life.

Explore, play and discover for yourself what can happen when you let go.

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Photo by  Benedikt Geye on Unsplash.

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