Upon being a “Human Book”

One of my rowing coaches has volunteered to attend a “Human Library” event for Yr 8’s (12-13 year olds) at a local school to discuss professional career pathways.

A range of professionals attend these “Human Libraries” and small groups of the pupils borrow the “Human Books” and interview each one for about 7 minutes.

Whilst we could discuss the merits of trying to discern any type of professional career pathway these days what caught my attention was the idea of my coach being a “human book”.

Then I wondered about leaders reading this – yes you.

If you were part of a “Human Library” and a group of children were to borrow you as a “Human Book” what would you want them to discover?

What would you want them to know?

What’s the one thing you’d want them to know about being human?

What’s the one thing you’d want them to know about life?

And about leading?

Remember unlike many adults, children are naturally very curious!.

When you are long gone and a book still remains of this life…your life…what do you want the contents to be? Same as now? Different from now?

It’s never too late to start creating a new chapter.

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Photo by Ben White on Unsplash.

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