A Wake Up Call for Leaders

I’ve been a professional coach for over 20 years now and I’m fascinated about how corporate leaders have “crazy busy” schedules/back to back meetings.  Yet when I speak to any of them they say without exception that it’s silly – and these are super smart people – go figure!  Is that what a corporate leader is really being paid for??

Here’s the thing, if you’re always in fast/doing mode (as in back to back meetings for hours on end) your predominant brainwaves will be beta and you’ll only be accessing your intellect.  The intellect can only go to the past, to what it already knows so at best you’ll might get some smart thinking or more often you may be just rearranging the chairs on the Titanic.  On the other hand if you choose to slow down, take regular time to self-reflect, ponder, wonder, daydream you start to access Alpha and Theta brainwaves more which give rise to the intuitive mind, wisdom, insight, realization which in turn give rise to jumps in awareness, innovation, creativity and genius. I am blessed to have clients who now live and operate from this higher level of functioning, who live and lead from a “waterfall of insight” as one puts it.This is far smarter, quicker and more effective.  So as a leader…..how do you choose to spend your time? How will you choose to spend your precious time, lifeforce, gift to the world??   Be brave! Break this mass hallucination please.

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