Beyond your everyday experience lies a deeper wisdom, a calm knowing.

The true source of all greatness already lives within you.

Is This You?

As a business leader you’re:

  • in back-to-back meetings all day
  • “on” 24/7
  • bombarded with emails and initiatives
  • facing demanding customers and colleagues
  • struggling to think beyond the tactical
  • in a business world that’s becoming ever more complex, fast and ambiguous and your energy is being sapped by driving change

Imagine you could live and lead driven by an inner clarity, a deeper wisdom, and a pure potentiality that lies within which enables you to be more impactful and efficient with less effort.

My artistry lies in helping you connect to this source.


Engagements with my clients, whether they be individual leaders, team or organisations, are always uniquely designed but the essence and underlying timeless principles are always the same. My focus is on enabling my clients to generate powerful “above” and “below” the surface results that live on in an impactful way.

As my clients are all over the world, I work with them both virtually and in person.

Examples of engagements:

Individual Leaders

  • Tailored 1:1 coaching programmes
  • Personal Retreats e.g. “Understanding the Power of Mind”
  • Enlightened Leading Core Programme


  • Getting to the Heart of High Performing Teams
  • Solving intractable business problems

The Power of Mind

When a leader or team is in touch with their true nature and understands the power of mind and the principles behind the human experience, there are intrinsic benefits such as:

  • greater inner stability and inner calm
  • less stress; less doubt
  • natural resilience
  • more clarity and creativity
  • insights and intuition providing answers to complex issues/situations
  • greater connection with others

“Alison embodies a terrifically powerful union of personality, intuition, experience and intelligence”  

CFO, Germany

Alison acted as an independent strategic sounding board in an extremely pressurised situation. It allowed me to stay true to myself in the face of external chaos and sustained challenge, and empowered me to expand my leadership capabilities with exceptional results”  

Senior Executive, BNP Paribas

“Alison has an innate ability to tune into her client’s needs.  She was both challenging and supportive. She has a wicked sense of humour. Her impact on my career, self-awareness and life has been so much greater than I ever anticipated. To say “thank you” seems terribly inadequate.”

Global Talent Director

“I entered a Coaching for Performance program expecting to obtain a transactional toolkit; I left transformed… Because of Alison’s compassion and mastery, I’m relieved of decades-old mindsets that were no longer working to my advantage. I left with a newly found enlightenment and freedom.”

Senior Executive, Global Engineering Organisation USA

“Coaching with Alison gave me an invaluable oasis of time in which to think amidst the juggling act that is my world.  It took me on a journey of personal truth, fulfilment and insight which translated into outward corporate success”


The insights I’ve had with Alison about my true nature as a leader and the realisation of how the mind works have helped me hugely in my connection with colleagues and customers. I’m much calmer, reflective and self-aware. The result has been phenomenal with increased productivity and the highest score in a staff satisfaction survey across 9,000 employees.”  

Senior Executive, SONY

Alison Sheridan

I have been a professional executive coach, coach trainer and consultant for over 20 years. I’ve been blessed to have worked with and learnt from the very best in the field.

With UK and international corporate clients all over the world, I have extensive experience in coaching business leaders and in the design and delivery of transformational leadership development programmes.

Through both an international sporting background and as a senior trader in the City of London, I developed a personal understanding of peak performance, flow, the power of mind and the heights that we are all capable of reaching, both individually and collectively, when in touch with our true nature.

I have worked with world leading brands in a range of sectors including banking and finance, technology, electronics, automotive and engineering.

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